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Every Scar . . . a Story

   I attended an Easter service last night which was entitled, “Scarred: Healing is possible.” In the message, the pastor said, “Everyone has scars and every scar tells a story.”
   The most prominent story that scars tell is, of course, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. He selflessly offered Himself up to be crucified so that we could be adopted into his family and given the inheritance of eternal life. The scars on his hands, feet and side are the proof that his mission was accomplished. The path that produced these scars was agonizing and excruciatingly painful as He experienced the humiliation of being falsely accused, the abandonment of friends and the torture of a crucifixion. Sunday changed the story, however, as hope was reborn.
   In the same way, we all have scars that tell stories. My biggest scar is on my right knee. As an enthusiastic young man, I was playing kickball in the neighborhood when the ball landed in a patch of ivy. I leaped into the ivy and connected my knee with a metal sprinkler. A deep gash produced lots of blood and changed my life for a couple of weeks as running was definitley out of the question. Fortunately, there was no major damage, although you would never think that based on the size of the scar. It has now become a great conversation starter as people invariably ask, “Did you have knee surgery?”
   In contrast, my smallest scar was actually the most traumatic. I was a sophomore in high school and it was the middle of basketball season. My parents were selling a cabin they owned in the mountains of Southern California and my dad asked me to help him clean it up. I shoved a rag into a box and cut my the top knuckle of my left index finger on a broken piece of glass. I had to have surgery to repair the severed tendon. My basketball season was over in an instant. It is only a scar today but it reminds me that our lives can be interrupted at any moment.
   As you review the scars of your life, remember that by the scars of Jesus we gain hope and by the story of your life others can find hope also! Happy Easter.

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