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An Unexpected Collapse

Haystack Rock

I love playing on the beach with my one-year old granddaughter because she seems to have an unusual love for sand. Twice I have seen her get a mouthful of pacific grit without any signs of irritation. The first time it was because her sister rolled her to the ground. The second time she picked up a small shovel of sand and voluntarily took a bite. I went to the edge of the surf to get a bucket of water to help with her latest masterpiece. On my way back I saw her standing still watching her sister. I stopped and started pouring liquid on her feet thinking she would like the feel of the water on her skin. At first she loved it. She smiled then broke out in laughter. Then her expression changed to one of surprise as she started to wobble. She swayed one way then the other before she collapsed in a heap. I looked down to see a sink hole in the sand right under her feet. What started out to be fun eroded the ground below her feet and made it impossible for her to keep her balance.
I couldn’t help but think if James 1:14-15, “. . . each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”
If I wanted to be mean to her, I would have repeated the behavior over and over to amuse myself at her shaky behavior. The expression on her face was funny and the way she collapsed was remarkably cute. This is the way our world approaches us. The world system and the army of evil spiritual forces around us enjoy the difficulties and devastation of people’s lives. They treat it like entertainment and play the scenario over and over as often as men will participate.
I love my granddaughter, however, so I stopped as soon as I realized it wasn’t good for her.
It is a shame we have to live in a world of temptation but that is reality. There are lots of activities, philosophies, and experiences that start out feeling really good but in the end they cause us to lose our balance and lead us down a destructive path. The “cool water” is refreshing when it first hits our feet but then it creates sink holes in our emotions, our relationships, or our attitudes. If we recognize the destructive nature quickly, we can easily step to the side and avoid any real damage. If we refuse to accept that the ground under us is deteriorating, the effects can become devastating.
Lord, give me the wisdom to know the difference between experiences that make me a better person and those that create sink holes under my feet.

One Response

  1. LOL … so funny. I can picture that.
    I can also picture the devastation of a spiritual sinkhole. Thanks, Bill.

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