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He Watches

The Mega Obstacle Course

It was a small statement but it burrowed its way into my heart. I was talking with a friend of mine who has a unique working relationship with my son. Caleb goes to school in another state but whenever he is in town, he calls Troy to see if he has any work for him. Troy is the owner of San Diego Jump Company (http://www.sdjump.com/), a supplier of inflatable jump houses and games for parties, corporate functions, and family celebrations. Caleb started working for him a couple of years ago delivering these sources of fun to groups of people.
Anyway, Troy said to me, “It is remarkable that every time Caleb is available for work the church puts in an order for an inflatable. Since Caleb knows the church grounds so well, all I have to do is tell him where to put it and he knows immediately. It makes it really easy.”
I know it is small thing but it was a reminder to me that the Lord is watching over our lives and reminding us in big and small ways that He has his eye on us. Psalm 127:1-2 puts it this way, “Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.” This passage doesn’t say we shouldn’t work and work hard. What it is saying is that it is silly to try to figure it out all on your own.
The picture here is of an ancient city. They didn’t have cameras or other sophisticated surveillance equipment. What they did have were walls around the city and watchmen who took turns walking the top of the wall. As they stood post, they would focus on the surrounding countryside looking for approaching enemies. If a threat was spotted, the watchmen would sound the alarm so the rest of the city could be put on alert. The Psalmist simply points out that God is interested in His people and will guide the steps of the watchmen to make them more effective.
The same applies to every kind of work. We are designed to be productive so we function best when we are busy with purposeful work. Most people get caught up with the notion, however, that “it is all up to me. I need to work harder, think better, plan smarter, and invest increasing amounts of time.” Diligence is certainly important but the most effective way to work is to create a partnership with God where we put in our best effort and ask God to guide our steps to the kinds of opportunities that fit our lives best.
Lord, guide us with your wisdom and love today so that we spend our time and effort doing the things upon which you are willing to place your hand of favor.

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