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Fighting Against Nonsense

It is a strange reality that a God of peace (Isaiah 9:6; Romans 15:33) calls us to be warriors. “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth . . . They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.” (Psalm 127:4-5) The fact is there are enemies at the gate that are trying to win over the hearts and minds of us and the people we care most about. There are intellectual, emotional and relational principles operating in our world that are unhealthy, unproductive, and ultimately unsustainable. We, therefore, need to contend with them. It is important to realize upfront that the “enemies” are not people. Jesus died for people. Jesus has a place in eternity for anyone who is willing to trust in Him as Savior, regardless of their background or the current state of their thinking. The adversaries we compete with are philosophies and points of view that are either based on nonsense or short-sighted conclusions.
Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I heard an educated, well-respected commentator talking about the role of people’s religion in public policy. In the midst of his explanation he declared that people ought to have religious freedom in America and that he, in fact, was a Christian. He then said in regards to public policy, “I don’t want anyone’s values telling me what I can and cannot do.” This is a good example of the nonsense that has come to sound intelligent. Every law is based on some value system. If there is not a generally accepted set of principles that guide a governing body, it is impossible to determine what is right and wrong. If you can’t determine what is right and wrong, you can’t create any laws to govern the consequences of people’s actions. As an individual, you could not have an opinion on anything if you didn’t have a value system. In the same way, a governing body cannot have an opinion on anything if they don’t have some sort of value system that guides their decision-making. I believe the statement was well-intended because the person who said it has a track record of trustworthiness. The statement just doesn’t fit real life.
There are lots of these kinds of statements being thrown around in our world today that are being used by people to confuse others in an attempt to grab power. For instance,
• Don’t be judgmental. You can’t make this statement without judging the people you are aiming the sentence at. You are judging people for being judgmental!
• It isn’t hurting anybody. The fact that you have to say this means you are doing something that everyone (including you) knows is harmful. At the bare minimum, it is hurting you and you are included in “anybody.” Besides, history has proven that we are all interconnected so anything you do impacts others.
• We need to be tolerant. The people who make this statement have it aimed at people they disagree with. In other words, they are intolerant of the people they are telling to be tolerant.
I could go on but suffice it to say, we all need to be alert to statements that are being made in our world that don’t protect our minds with sound logic or protect our hearts with moral excellence. We need to diligently train our minds to recognize and apply what is true. We need to train our wills to make choices that set our hearts free to love. We need to pray that common sense, moral courage, and humble thinking become popular. My goal for today is, “No nonsense!”

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  1. Excellent, Bill. Just excellent. Thanks!

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