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I Do What I Am

I am consistently challenged by the notion that my lifestyle is a reflection of who I believe I am. If I believe I have been created with a purpose and have been equipped with the talents to accomplish the mission, I will live with focus, energy, and resolve. If I believe I am an extra in life who has no assurance that a part actually exists for me, I will lack any real focus and may either be frantic to find something worthwhile or settle for underachievement. The difference between the two has nothing to do with talent. It is all about who I believe I am.
Paul understood the connection between perspective and performance so he described to the believers in the city of Ephesus who they are in Christ. He knew that if they understood who they are their lifestyle would be a pursuit of excellence. In Christ we are:
• Equipped with “every spiritual blessing in Christ.” (v. 3) This means we have been given everything we need to live the Christian life. Just as we need food, shelter, transportation, etc. to live life here on earth, we have been fully furnished with the spiritual vitality, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and anything else we need to be successful in our spiritual growth.
• Adopted children of God. (v. 5-6) God approaches us as a Father who is lovingly dealing with His children. Jesus approaches us as a big brother who is intensely interested in his siblings. Although we will give an account of our lives before the throne of God, we will be giving reports as children telling their father the adventure of their lives rather than as defendants trying to justify ourselves.
• Redeemed. (v. 7) “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” The word redemption refers to a transaction in the slave market where someone paid a ransom to set a slave free. Through the payment of Christ’s blood, we have been set free. We are no longer bound to a lifestyle of sin. We will not achieve perfection in this life but we now have the resources and the opportunity to seek excellence so that it makes sense to be better each and every year of life.
• We have “all wisdom and understanding.” (v. 8 ) It needs to be developed but it is already there. The presence of the Holy Spirit in a believer deposits in seed form the ability to discern God’s will and have clear direction for the next decision of life.
The point is that each of us has been equipped. I am currently enjoying watching my youngest son play college football. I played high school football but he has experienced much more success than I did in his sports career. His confidence has always been higher than mine was. His understanding of the game has developed much easier than mine did. As I talk with him, I realize he has a different mindset than I did. I was insecure about it and was “trying” to be a football player. He believes he is a football player and is simply living it out while he is earning his college degree.
As you walk the journey of your life today, be who you are!

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