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A Pretty Good Start

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States so our thoughts naturally focus on the question, “What are we grateful for?” I was intrigued, therefore, when I read Nehemiah 12 this morning. By this time in the story they have finished the work on the wall and they are engaged in a dedication ceremony. To honor the day, the giving of thanks was made a high priority:
• “The Levites were sought out from where they lived and were brought to Jerusalem to celebrate joyfully the dedication with songs of thanksgiving. . .” (v. 27)
• “I also assigned two large choirs to give thanks.” (v. 31)
• Then new directors were appointed to keep it going. “For long ago, in the days of David and Asaph, there had been directors for the musicians and for the songs of praise and thanksgiving to God.” (v. 46)
I love the picture of two large choirs of people singing back and forth with songs of thanksgiving. With the advent of technology, we can do the same so I want to get things started. Here is my short list of what I am thankful for. As you read the list, think about what you are grateful for and pass it on to others.
I am thankful for:
• A Savior who is both righteous and gracious.
• My wife, Pam, who loves Jesus, loves me and has a driving passion for life.
• My three sons, Brock, Zach and Caleb, who are growing spiritually and actively pursuing their purpose as they understand it.
• A daughter-in-law, Hannah, who thinks clearly, decides with wisdom, leads with skill and is always looking for the best for her family.
• My two granddaughters, Eden and Callan, who brighten my day, keep me laughing and make me feel more important than I actually am.
• My brother, Jim, who helped me find Jesus and continues to be an inspiration in my life.
• My sister, Lori, who set the pace for three young people who felt a need to be leaders.
• My brother-in-law, Bret, who is remarkable at helping me keep a clear perspective on his ambitious sister.
• Friends who pray for me, laugh with me and are genuinely interested in helping each other be our best.
• My dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, vehicles and computer which I prefer never to have to live without.
• Grilled chicken, spaghetti with sausages, Ezekiel brand cereal, ice cream, whole wheat bread, chips and salsa.
• Sunshine, walks on the beach, running on mostly flat ground, and dirt in my yard that is not too difficult to dig in.
• Watching Caleb compete in college football.
• Watching Zachery train athletes at the University of Louisville.
• Watching Brock coach high school athletes.
• A nation to live in where I am free to worship my God, build my career, own property, vote for my leaders, drive on open roads and make daily decisions about how I live.
• Technology that has opened the entire world up to ordinary people and connected us in a way previous generations thought impossible.
Lists like this are always problematic because I have left out more than I have included but it feels like a pretty good start!

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  1. I am grateful for all you have done do ensure I grow into a man of honor. Thank you dad

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