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Truth Works

A couple of years ago I heard Erwin McManus speak about the way post modern people think. He said, “People used to ask the question, ‘What is right?’ People now ask, ‘What works?’” It has intrigued me ever since because, in a perfect world, these would be one and the same thing. In Daniel 1, there is a great example of how God often confirms what is true by making it the option with the best outcome. Daniel and his friends “resolved not to defile [themselves] with the royal food and wine.” (v. 8 ) This created a problem for “the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.” All things being equal, a diet of just vegetables would not have the same effect as a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. The guard knew that he would be in trouble if these four young men looked weaker than the others under his charge.
This created quite a challenge for Daniel. He was committed to do what was right. He was determined to follow God’s directions. In order for him to do so, however, God’s ways had to produce better results than the efforts of the others. These young men would need to look healthier, stronger and more capable even though they were eating less protein. It wasn’t enough to simply feel good about what they were doing or to boldly proclaim they were doing the right thing. The credibility of their convictions was dependent upon a superior outcome. In other words, the truth had to work better than any other philosophy.
Fortunately, truth works. That doesn’t mean that my agenda will always be accomplished if I do what is right. It does, however, mean that my life will always turn out better if I live according to God’s design than it will if I make up my own rules. I will have better relationships. I will have a stronger sense of peace in my heart. I will have fewer regrets and a more solid sense that my life counts for something worthwhile.
Today, I am going to have choices. I can tell the truth or I can lie. I can treat people with respect or I can manipulate them for my own purposes. I can seek to serve others or I can be self-serving. My choices will reveal what I believe works best.
Lord, give me the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to believe that your ways always work best.

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  1. Good morning Bill,
    I was reading Daniel 1:8 this morning planning to use it as the basis of my message for the Thursday night service. Thanks for the confirmation. Have a great week.

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