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Christmas Revealed

In Daniel 2, Daniel and his friends are asked to do an impossible thing. King Nebuchadnezzar had a disturbing dream and he wanted desperately to know what it meant. He, therefore, “summoned the magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers to tell him what he had dreamed.” (v. 2) He didn’t simply ask for an interpretation of the dream. He asked them to tell him what he had dreamed and then give an interpretation. From a human point of view, this was impossible and they passionately told him so, “There is no one on earth who can do what the king asks!” (v. 10)
The King would not be persuaded as he stubbornly held his ground. He made it clear this was a life and death situation. “This made the king so angry and furious that he ordered the execution of all the wise men of Babylon.” (v. 12) At this point it became personal for Daniel and his friends since they were included in the wise men of Babylon. To save their lives, God was going to have to reveal to Daniel exactly what Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed and what it meant for him and his kingdom. As you read the rest of the chapter, you discover that this is precisely what happened.
As I read the account, it reminded me that Christmas is this same way. On my own, I would never have come up with the plan. I made a list of all the details of the Christmas story that defy human ingenuity and courage: Without it being revealed to me in the Bible, I would never have figured out:
• God Himself would pay the price I owed.
• The Son of God would come to earth as a man.
• The Savior of the world would have to be born to a virgin.
• The Messiah would be born to a common, relatively poor family.
• God’s Son would choose to grow up in an ordinary family raised by ordinary parents.
• Shepherds (blue-collar workers) would be the first to hear the news announced by angels.
• Families would lose their sons because another jealous king was afraid of Jesus’ birth.
• The creator of the world would have to be transported to a foreign country for His own safety.
• The plan that would bring salvation to all mankind could begin with such a simple scene of a baby in a manger.
I fight with pride like every other person on earth and I like the idea that I can figure life out on my own and that my conclusions are generally the best around. The reality is I know far less than I don’t know. Life is infinite and I am not. The only way I am going to get a correct view of life is if I humbly accept that I need some truth to be revealed to me by the God who is bigger than me. There are physical, spiritual and intellectual realms that exist beyond my understanding. There are processes in motion in dimensions I cannot see or experience that impact my life today. The only way I can know how to process that information is by meekly learning from the revelation of God’s word. This does not mean I put my mind in neutral because I can skillfully interact with the world of my four dimensions (height, width, breadth and time). When it comes to the world that exists beyond, however, I need God to invade my space and fill me in.
I am grateful that God did not wait for us to figure out what we needed before he sent His Son, born of a virgin to be the hope of all people.

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  1. The more I know, the more I learn there’s a lot out there I don’t know. God’s ways are not my ways, so there is a constant battle. However, I have learned that He knows best, has my best interests in mind, and I try to place my trust in Him. He knows the future and he knows what I need.

    This week we lost a good friend, Tony Polk, to a 6 month illness. Why this had to happen is as mysterious to me as the disease that took his life. I learned some things from Tony these last few months though. Some of which include:

    Don’t take your good health for granted

    Be thankful for each day of life God gives you

    Appreciate the friends and loved ones in your life and express your love and appreciation to them often

    Be prepared for eternity. No one is promised a tomorrow.

    I’m grateful for this day of life and the friends and family I have. Bill, I’m also grateful for this daily blog/devotion that you do. It is a genuine gift and great resource for all of us striving to walk with Christ, and do our best in that regard. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry in the days ahead. Merry Christmas!


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