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Power Outage

I was completely engaged when it happened. I was on the phone gathering vital information from a friend. I was online checking into a flight. My office lights were on and the fan was blowing a cooling breeze. Without any warning, everything suddenly shut down. The entire county of San Diego experienced an electrical blackout. No more phone, computer, lights or fan. Everything I wanted to do suddenly came to an end and there was nothing I could do about it.
I knew I relied upon technology but I don’t think I realized just how dependent I was on electricity until this restless feeling of frustration took over. For a little while, I felt like I couldn’t do anything and I was helpless in my own power to do anything about it.
Then I got to thinking. All of San Diego County proved it was dependent upon a power beyond themselves. Most people don’t understand electricity but they rely on it every day. The average individual could not explain how power gets from its source to their homes but they expect to be able to turn on their lights, charge their cell phones and watch their TVs with very little effort or planning. They are so used to this power in their lives, they take it for granted just about every day.
This experience gave me a fresh look at Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Just like electricity, we don’t need to fully understand God in order to put our trust in Him. We don’t need to explain where He gets His power or how He delivers it to our lives in order to utilize it in our pursuits and relationships. Just like electricity, once we get used to it, we can easily take it for granted.
It also amused me that no one ever calls their neighbors weak, insecure, naïve or old-fashioned for relying on electrical power. In fact, it is considered modern, innovative, efficient, and intelligent to fill your life with electrical appliances and electronic equipment. In fact, we would be greatly surprised by anyone who didn’t want this power. Even though this type of energy cannot provide eternal salvation, emotional security, peace in the midst of stressful events or recovery from a personal loss, we expect everyone to integrate into their daily routine. It appears we are more comfortable trusting it than we are the God who created us. Once we personalize our trust in a relationship with God, others get uncomfortable and feel like we are pressuring them.
My goal this week is to say, “God, thank you for your power. Help me take full advantage of it,” every time I turn on a light or start up my computer.

4 Responses

  1. Very insightful. I too was realizing how dependent we are upon electric power and how we need dependent on God’s power.

  2. Thanks for stealing my next blog post. Just kidding. But I was thinking about the power outage and how it relates to faith. Did a similar idea though when a light bulb burned out.
    This is very thought provoking. So many say they don’t understand God so why trust Him. Yet they get in their cars to drive to jobs where they’ll take an elevator to their floor and turn on a computer–all things they don’t “understand” but use and rely on daily.

  3. Great article Bill! I’ll be linking back to it on an upcoming Thursday.

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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